Geometri staff have more than 30 years experience in surveying and mapping and have worked on a range of surveying and mapping projects in Victoria, NSW, ACT, New Zealand, Polynesia, Melanesia, Sweden, Italy, Norway and Oman in both government and private sectors. We offer licensed land surveying services in Victoria, being legally certified to carry out cadastral surveys. We are members of the Institution of Surveyors, Victoria and abide by the Institute’s codes of professional practice. Our company is fully insured and for the peace of mind of our clients we carry Professional Indemnity Insurance. We specialise in offering professional, prompt and cost effective service in the following areas:


Topographic  surveys

Feature, level and contour surveys

showing improvements on the land, relative levels and natural features with the aim of assisting other professionals with planning, engineering design and the submission of development applications. We can supply both hard copy and digital output, support a variety of digital formats including DXF, can supply DEMs, aerial photography and/or imagery, and can arrange for full colour professional printing if required.


Boundary surveys

Identification surveys 

showing improvements on the land and highlighting any encroachments to or from adjacent titles. This type of survey is often used for ensuring “what you see is what you get” when purchasing property. We supply a report describing and graphically highlighting any encroachments on the subject land.


Redefining and marking boundaries

showing accurately on the ground, with survey pegs and marks, the legal boundary between two or more blocks of land. This type of survey is often used for dispute settlement, for fence alignment and for ensuring that proposed improvements are built wholly within the subject property. We place the pegs and marks, highlighting their position with stakes and sometimes flagging tape and can supply a plan showing their location with respect to the full surrounding cadastral boundaries.


Subdivision and consolidation of land

showing on the ground and in plan form a redefinition of land title boundaries. These surveys are undertaken as a key step in the improvement of land for rural, suburban and town development and for title adjustment to fit with occupations on the ground. We can assist with subdivision design ensuring planning guidelines are met and can prepare draft plans of subdivision. We also mark on the ground the new title boundaries and prepare the final survey plans for registration at Lands Victoria.


Leasable area surveys

showing the area of a leased shop or office. This type of survey is used by landlords to confirm the areas of shops and offices when calculating fair rental rates for improved property. We measure the lettable area according to Property Council of Australia guidelines or any other agreed guideline and report the resulting areas in graphical and/or textual form, reducing disputes between landlords and tenants.


Other cadastral surveys including re-alignments and excisions, strata title surveys, community title surveys and the creation and removal of easements.


Engineering surveys

Building and construction setout

showing on the ground the location of the corners of proposed buildings and related construction.  This type of survey ensures that new building construction is in the correct spot, has the correct orientation and dimensions and satisfies building regulations for boundary setback distances. We mark the building corners and critical intersection points with offset pegs and/or nails in footings. We also undertake “work as executed” surveys when construction is underway or complete.


Road setout

showing on the ground the location of the road, required levels and batters for cut and fill. This type of survey ensures that new roads are in the correct spot both horizontally and vertically and grades and curves are as specified in the engineering plans. We mark the length of the road at set distances, the key intersection and tangent points and the location of services and place batters to guide cut and fill during construction.


Geodetic surveying

placing on the ground precisely surveyed and/or levelled horizontal reference marks and vertical bench marks to assist with survey network densification, precise engineering construction or instrument accuracy calibration. We place the reference marks and undertake the precise survey reductions and error adjustments. We can also assist with coordinate adjustment for datum and projection transformations and for distance adjustment caused by height reductions to a reference spheroid.


Other engineering surveys including mine surveys, volume surveys and verticality surveys.

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